THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH (A Ninth Doctor Adventure)

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Studio Severn Productions presents: ‘The End of the World is Nigh’, the first chronicle of our Ninth Doctor Adventures. Newly regenerated and still struggling to come to terms with it, our Doctor has no time to heal as he is thrown immediately into a chase through time to track down a dangerous gang of alien criminals intent on harvesting the human race for their own gains. In the midst of this story, The Doctor is joined by a new companion but is everything as exciting onboard the TARDIS as the Doctor believes.

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Starring Peter Walsh – The Doctor

Owen McCuen – Owen Jackson

Rob ‘Tigerman’ Hewes – Mick Chadwell

Robotic Billboard – Rocky Westbrook

Robotic Billboard – Gareth Severn

RG-210 Droid – Jerry Kokich

Human Slave – Gareth Severn

Jantok Goonal – Jonah Knight

Rankoor Seema – James P Quick

Amanda Hunt – Sarah Golding

Jason Hunt – Gareth Severn

Robotic Announcer – Rachel Pulliam

Admiral Lindakal – Lec Zorn

Judoon Soldier – Zane Sexton

Judoon Captain – Tom Fellas

Crowd VOs – Rachel Pulliam, Pete Lutz, Rocky Westbrook