The Dogman of Fort Custer 2000 – A “6- to 7-foot-tall “Man-animal” Standing on its Hind Legs.”

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One night Andrew was driving down Johnson Road which borders Silver Creek Metro Park, when he saw something that was anything but routine. Approximately 50 yards from the intersection with Medina Line Road, he stopped his car when two deer raced across the road heading south.

What caught his attention was not the deer more what they were running from. Andrew explained “I would place those creatures chasing the deer somewhere between 6’6” and 7′ tall. They chased the two deer (which were both smaller, by the way) out across the street and into the woods. They ran in formation, one in front, two behind, kind of next to each other.

They were roughly 30-40 yards behind the deer. They were bipedal, very muscular, and fast. Lightning fast. It all happened in just a few seconds. I couldn’t describe any features, unfortunately; I’m assuming it was either a new moon or cloudy because it was very dark, but they were definitely a dark colour, maybe chocolate-brown or a black?”