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Welcome to the first episode of “Transmissions From the Void”, our new series of audio dramas! Each installment will adapt a story from a different author, and for the inaugural show we are presenting “The Dive”, by Briana Morgan.

“The Dive” tells the story of brothers Clive and Harry, two brothers whose frayed relationship is held together only by their mutual grief for Georgia, the woman they both loved. Georgia’s final letter has led the brothers far out to sea in search of her heart’s desire.

“The Dive” was written by Briana Morgan, and originally published in the anthology, “The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories”. It was adapted for audio by Brennan Storr.


Paul Bestall as Clive

Amon Mazingo as Harry

Lady Mariam as Georgia

Brennan Storr as Narrator

Original Music by Rainy Days For Ghosts

Direction, Sound Design & Editing by Brennan Storr

“Tranmissions From the Void” is a Ghost Story Guys production.

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