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IN THIS EPISODE: The pentagram is most often seen in film and television as a symbol of Satan, or dark witchcraft – but that is not the reality of pentagram. The symbol has a much wider and richer history than what is portrayed in today’s entertainment mediums. While the practices and beliefs of Wicca, gnostics, and druids use the pentagram in their practices, as do Satanists, the pentagram was (and sometimes still is) used by Christian believers as well – which I’m sure comes as quite a shock to those who don’t know the full history behind this five pointed star. (The Paranormal Pentagram) *** I have told innumerable stories involving the death of someone, be it brutal, mysterious, or even darkly humorous. But it is high time I share a few stories of people who died… but then returned to the living. Not as ghosts, but as regular flesh-and-blood human beings who just happened to survive their own death. (They Survived Their Own Deaths) *** The Lake Bodom murders may well be the most famous unsolved homicide in Scandinavian Criminal History. Occurring in 1960 and claiming 3 victims with 1 injured survivor it is a Finnish zeitgeist that at one time or another had the whole of Finland enraptured. It is now a buzzword for murder and mystery in the small country. (The Lake Bodom Murders) *** The tale of the Bell Witch has gone on to become one of the most well known hauntings in American history and an iconic historical horror story, but of course it has left us to debate and speculate on whether any of it is true, and if so just what was the Bell Witch? (The Disturbing Case of the Bell Witch)
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***BOOK: “Power of the Pendulum” by Tom Lethbridge: https://amzn.to/3cd6Jmr
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“Murders at Lake Bodom” posted at Mystery Confidential: https://weirddarkness.tiny.us/356kkx5b
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