The Digital Campfire: Looking Back At Creepypasta

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Cian and Chris host a campfire chat to remember the heyday of creepypasta: bad grammar, juvenile topics – and yet occasionally incredibly effective bite-size (ok, sometimes epic) slices of crowd-sourced digital horror. Creepypasta ruled the roost in the early days of Web 2.0, back when folks wondered whether Ted really was a caver, whether N64 cartridges really could be haunted, and why you should stay away from cabins in the woods (present company excluded, of course). Conversation includes:

-personal memories of creepypasta

-origins of the name

-some famous Cpastas: Jeff the Killer, Ben Drowned, Slenderman, etc

-Candle Cove and short Cpastas vs epic, expanded ones

-our personal fave Cpastas

-NoSleep and the ‘rules’ for online creepy fiction

-the 2014 Slenderman attack and moral panics

-nostalgia and the obsession with old video games and pre-digital tech

-the legacy of Cpasta? Indie horror gaming & social media ghost stories


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