Hidden In The Shadows

Hosted ByMegan Sanchez, Isaac Sanchez

(Explicit) Married duo takes on the weird, the twisted, the intriguing world that is paranormal. Isaac and Megan talk about ghosts, aliens, ufos, conspiracy theories, legends and lores, and throw in a sprinkling of their own experience. Megan (a sensitive) and Isaac (a paranormal enthusiast) have a true passion for talking about their paranormal experience as well as their research on various subjects. They bring light to everything that hides in the shadows.

The Denver Airport Conspiracy

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Have you heard about the creepy conspiracy theories regarding The Denver Airport? We are talking about underground tunnels, aliens, the Illuminati, and not to mention odd artwork and murals including a 32-foot mustang horse that greets people entering called Bluicifer! The stories are scary, the airport is creepy and in this episode, we talk about each theory, and what we personally think is going on there. 

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