The Demons of Christmas Present

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Come in and know me better, man! 

One ghost down and two to go, Ashley and Lauren now get to hang out with the ghost(s) of Christmas Present– and boy is it a present, indeed.

This episode we are joined by STEVE LACHIOMA (Hometown Haunts: New York, CollegeHumor) and MARIA LACHIOMA (Glitch in the Maria, The Young and the Restless) and they are bringing us some of their all time favorite topics.

Steve, as you may remember, LOVES cryptids.  So he’s bringing us a monster straight out of the Sierra Nevada mountains – The Lone Pine Mountain Devil!   Is it a bird?  Is it a dinosaur?  Is it a tall tale to keep people out of the pass?  Or is it just a drunk orgy hallucination? 


And Maria is fascinated by demons so she brought us a different type of demon that we haven’t talked about on the show yet – DYBBUKS! We learn about the first recorded “dybbuk box” – how it came to be, who created it, and who has it today! 

Only one ghost to go and it’s the scariest one of all, but you won’t be going it alone – we’ll be there with you! 


(((This episode was recorded over ZOOM so the audio quality is a little different.  This episode will ALSO be featured on our YouTube channel as a video exclusive so if that interests you head over to