The Dark Heart – Ep 4 – Parameters of Oblivion

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You’ve been listening to The Dark Heart, which is a production of Dissonance Media.

A lonely vampire attempts to traverse her new life’s challenges, whilst trying to let go of her old one.

Parameters of Oblivion was written by Angela Meyer who is an author, editor, and professional reader from Melbourne, Australia. Her debut novel, A Superior Spectre, was published by Peter Bishop Books (Ventura) in Australia and Saraband in the UK. It has been shortlisted for five literary awards. To connect with Angela, please use one of the below links.

Angela Meyer website

Editing and coaching services





Narration and Nicole was performed by Sarah Jane Justice.

David was performed by Scott Davidson.

Lucia was performed by Amy Coutts.

Samar was performed by Nina Nikolic.

Jackie was performed by Jules from The J Experiment podcast.

Matthew was performed by James Barnett.

Security Man was performed by Bryan Jeans.

Grandma was performed by Jenny Barnett.

Amy was performed by Ella.

This episode was produced and edited by James Barnett.

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And as always, stay horrific everyone.