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“The D.N.A. Pit” is an original story by Pulp-Pourri Theatre’s producer-director, Pete Lutz. Originally written and produced as a live “radio” drama on the stage at Harbor Playhouse in 2001, Pete revised the script for the series’ third season in 2014. This production is sponsored by Dromedary Cigarettes and stars the Narada Radio Company.  Dr. Philip Schaefer is a geneticist in Celestial City who has invented what’s being called an Earth-shattering device: The D.N.A. Pit, which is capable of altering any living creature’s DNA. Dr. Schaefer wants to use his device for the good of mankind, but forces beyond his control may try to subvert his miraculous device to their own twisted ends! Listen and enjoy!

CAST OF CHARACTERS (In order of appearance): VENESSA SANTOS: Aileen Corpos DR. PHILIP SCHAEFER: Dana Gonsalves* DR. DARREN McCORMICK: Austin Hanna COMPUTER VOICE: Angela Elgueda Young* STERLING STEELE: Mark Hacala HOMELESS MAN/HENCHMAN: Juan Perez

FEDERAL AGENT #1: Austin Beach (of Audioblivious Productions) FEDERAL AGENT #2: Julio Herrera GEN. THANH NGUYEN: Pete Lutz KATIE McCORMICK: Cheyenne Gibbs ANNOUNCER: Lisa Ayala * Original 2001 Cast Member DROMEDARY CIGARETTES Commercial Voices: Kristy Glick Pete Lutz Kendra Womack Angela Elgueda Young Lisa Michaud PIANO: Ross Bernhardt   OPENING ANNOUNCERS: Gene Lutz, Rich Wentworth PULP-POURRI THEATRE THEME composed and performed by Rich Wentworth   EPISODE THEME: “Second Coming” by Kevin MacLeod of incompetech dot com.