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The Curse of the Petrified Forest

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Episode 32

This episode we explore our fascination with the Petrified Forest, located in Arizona. Specifically we will discuss the curse that has been associated with this amazing National Park, and reported by visitors since the 1930s. I say reports, but they are really attempts to lift this curse by returning stolen pieces of petrified wood, often with letters explaining the streak of misfortune and bad luck that had been wrought upon them following their larcenous indiscretions. Now, it may seem like we will be exploring the history of curses and legends, but that is actually not the most fascinating part of this particular story. See, what it more interesting is the realization that this particular tale of woe befalling the naive and curious sightseer and thrill seeker takes on mythological proportions of tragedy and warning.

Inspired by some fellow podcasters over at the “It’s Real I Swear” podcast, we will introduce ourselves to the Curse of the Petrified Forest, and find out why it just may be a lesson on par with Greek mythology.

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