The Covering Foundation Discusses LGBTQ+ Rights and More

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Special Guests for The Covering Foundation

Roshonda Kelly, Marquita Julien-Kelly, & Deondre Hodge

Since day one of my show I have always promoted humanity’s ability to shift our paradigms and expand our viewpoints while venturing outside of our typical comfort zones.  Last year when George Floyd was murdered by D. Chauvin during the longest 9 and 1/2 minutes of our lives, I decided to attend several peaceful protests in Tampa supporting Black Lives Matter.  During one of the protests, I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Roshonda Kelly, Marquita Julien-Kelly and Deondre Hodge of The Covering Foundation.  They were offering food and support to those who were attending the protests in Tampa.    As soon as I became acquainted with these three amazing individuals I knew that I wanted to invite them on the show to share their message to members of our audience.   The Foundation seeks to protect and support LGBTQ rights by envisioning a world where all people are free to express their gender identity and sexual orientation with pride and live in a safe place free from harassment, prejudice or discrimination.   We hope you enjoy this interview!


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