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This week on Expanded Perspectives we have on fellow Podcaster and friend Darren Schaefer on to talk about DB Cooper and his amazing podcast “The Cooper Vortex“!

It’s the only unsolved hijacking case in the history of commercial aviation. On the afternoon of November 24, 1971—Thanksgiving Eve—a man aboard a flight from Portland to Seattle threatened to detonate a bomb if he didn’t receive a hefty ransom. Once he got the money, the hijacker released all passengers and ordered the crew to fly to Mexico. En route, with cash in hand, the man parachuted from the aircraft. This man was known as D.B. Cooper. After a 45-year FBI investigation, his identity, whereabouts and motive remain unknown. No one even knows whether he survived the jump. The FBI followed thousands of leads to find Cooper, considering more than 800 suspects in the five years following the incident. As of today no one knows who D.B. Cooper really was!

Darren Schaefer is seeking the answers to this incredible story each and every episode of his amazing podcast “The Cooper Vortex“.  All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

Show Notes: