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An Irish podcast about why people believe weird things. A critical-but not cynical - look at cryptids, UFOs and conspiracies. Coming to you from the Cabin In The Woods.

The Coming Of The Greys: One From The Vaults

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We all know what aliens look like – small grey guys with big heads, right? Over coffee with sometime co-host Mr Chris ‘Spooky’ Joyce, Cian plans an episode about the origin of the grey alien trope. It’s going to be called ‘The Coming Of The Grays’ – but wait, it seems that some time ago, in early 2017, Cian and Chris already recorded an episode for an older ‘cast on this topic!

On a windy day at the cabin, when recording is not possible, Cian enters the vault and dusts off the tapes. We are proud to present his findings to you: The Coming Of The Grays Part 1: One From The Vaults! It’s a free-wheeling discussion about the pre-history of the UFO phenomenon. We discuss Victorian phantom airships, 1930s Swedish Ghost Rockets, the Kenneth Arnold sighting, and most importantly for the history of those nefarious grey aliens, the Hill abduction case of 1961.

How did a sighting that initially seemed to be of human-looking aliens in Nazi uniforms, with ‘Jimmy Durante noses,’ come to birth the phenomenon of the grey aliens? Find out in THE COMING OF THE GREYS: ONE FROM THE VAULTS!

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