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THE CELLAR Miniseries 3.3: Gear Jammin’

The Cellar Miniseries continues with this exciting horror tale by Mark Slade, with characters taken from a 1970s TV series, Movin’ On, but with a supernatural element the creators of that series never dreamed of adding! Sonny and Will, long-haul truckers who share driving duties, are down on their luck as usual. A stranger offers them a considerable amount of money to carry a strange parcel cross-country, with the usual unforeseen consequences. This episode has the added thrill of having been edited and mixed in a single marathon production session lasting approximately 12 hours! We hope you enjoy it.

Announcer: Trevor Rines Cadavera Quivry (Your Ghostly Host): Angela Young   Pete Lutz as SONNY Dana Gonsalves as WILL Carole Krohn as CATHY Chuck Wilson as TRUMAN Mark Kalita as NICHOLS Jason D. Johnson as the SIX COPS Teddi Giggy as DOREEN and John Bell as RALPH SPARE

The Cellar theme by Tom Rory Parsons

Incidental music by Dr. Ross Bernhardt

Produced & directed by Pete Lutz