The Calvine Photo: Revealed! w/Spencer Bland

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The Conspiracy Beer Me Boys sit down with our friend Spencer Bland of the Bop or Flop podcast and discuss the recently revealed Holy Grail of UFO Photos!

ARGUABLY THE MOST fascinating British ‘UFO’ case in the last 35 years took place on a remote Scottish hillside one evening in August 1990. For years it has perplexed those who have looked into it, and not only due to the mysterious nature of the craft which was observed. The non-reporting of the story at the time by the Scottish press has puzzled many and in recent years information has been found that suggested terrestrial “black projects” were to blame. When the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD’s) decision to withhold certain details of the case until 2076 and a former MOD civilian desk officer’s involvement are added to the mix, the case becomes even more fascinating and intriguing. 32 years to the month after it occurred, are we any further forward knowing just what was witnessed over the Highlands that summer evening back in 1990?”

We also discuss Project Aurora. Aurora was a rumored mid-1980s American reconnaissance aircraft. Is this the same craft shown in the Calvine photo? Or is it the top secret anti-gravity spy plane known as the as the TR3-B Black Manta?

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