The Black Shadow | Real Ghost Stories

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What was the dark shadow that lurked inside the room of a young child?

Here is a preview of the story.
“He then said he was going to lay down in his room (where he kept seeing the black shadow) locked his door, then shot himself. About a few months after his passing, all of us including my mom started to see the shadow he was claiming to see. Then we were remodeling the bedrooms, and I had taken a few pictures, didn’t know my phone would capture videos, with them having words of I said get out! Then something about our mommy. I have the recordings. Now my sister is also having things happen here at her house, lights being completely ripped off the ceiling, and hearing the voices of people. It’s starting to scare us all by the light fixture about fell on my sister’s head!!! We do to know what to do!!! Or even how to react!!! Was my dad telling us the truth before he died?” Was he actually seeing this stuff!’ Does this stuff actually exist!!!! Please help us!!!!  None of us understand what’s going on in our lives now. No one ever expected my dad to take his own life!!!! Things are starting to get worse around her house, Things are actually being shook around, and in the room where my dad took his life feels so heavy. Like you just can’t breathe in there. And the smell, even knowing we changed the carpet, painted and everything still there!!!”

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