The Black Eyed Children | Best of RGSO

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A seemingly innocent child shows up on an unsuspecting homeowner door step… the only thing strange about the encounter is that the child’s eyes are pitch black!

Here is a preview of the story.

“” Who is it?” I called, staying a safe distance away from the door. ” We need to use your telephone, ma’am.” came a little girl’s voice. I swung open the door to see a little boy and girl, not even twelve yet. From the way they were dressed, I guessed they might be Amish. But any sane parent, Amish or not, would never let their children out past 9:00 pm.” I’m sorry, but I don’t have a phone” I lied. “My sister needs to use your bathroom.” The little boy said, almost pleading. Then I saw them. Their eyes, just black pits of darkness. No sclera. No iris. Just pitch black.”

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