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IN THIS EPISODE: Young Marthe was a troubled young girl already, but her life took a dark, evil turn when she became possessed by a demon. But the strangest part of her story isn’t the possession – but the exorcism. (The Exorcism of Martha Brossier) *** Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford lived in different centuries, but they died in chillingly similar ways. (The Erdington Murders) *** At more than 1,000 miles from civilization in all directions, Point Nemo is unlike any other place in the world – and in very strange ways. (Eerie Facts About Point Nemo) *** Is it possible to anger a ghost to the point they’ll follow you home to taunt you? (The Green Man) *** In 1921, the term “one-way ride” came into existence – after a man named Stevie was “disappeared” thanks to the Chicago Mob. (The One Way Ride) *** Was the woman found dead in a wych elm tree in wartime England a Nazi spy? (The Hagley Woods Mystery) *** The crew of 309 aboard the USS Cyclops disappeared without a trace – and now, 100 years later, we’re still left with more questions than answers. (The Bermuda Triangle Vanishing of the USS Cyclops) *** Mickey was arrested and charged with slicing the throat of one of his best friends, and he had good reason. After all, his friend owed him thirty-five dollars. (The Confessions of Mickey Sliney) *** A grandfather tells his grandson about the time he lived in a haunted house. (A Strange Haunted Incident in Lincolnshire) *** Wander around one particular U.S. park and you may come across a soldier who lost his head to a cannonball. (The Legend Of Green Eyes) *** Strange dreams happen to us all – but what does it mean if you dream about spiders? (8-Legged Nightmares) *** Police respond to a 9-1-1 call, but they arrive a few years too late. (Ghost 911 Call) *** Vegetable Men, Space Fairies… how bizarre can alien encounters get? (Truly Bizarre Alien Encounters)

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Originally aired: September 04, 2018

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: https://weirddarkness.com/exorcism-of-marthe-brossier/