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IN THIS EPISODE: Three unsolved murders in the 1960s in Glasgow, Scotland terrorized those in the area. A killer was on the loose and they were calling him Bible John. The murders are unsolved, because the man they have behind bars, Peter Tobin, some say may not, in fact, actually be Bible John. (The Bible John Murders) *** It is said that Saint Catherine Of Alexandria courageously confronted 50 pagan philosophers and was sentenced to death. But some wonder if she ever even existed. (Catherine of Alexandria) *** Why are some people so afraid of black cats? Could there be a rational reason behind it, or is it silly made-up nonsense? (Black Cat Fears) *** Would you be willing to buy a home that you knew was built on the site of a demolished, haunted mental asylum? One Detroit suburb is about to find out if people will. (Haunted Mental Asylum Sold for $1)

“The Bible John Murders” by Fiona Guy: https://tinyurl.com/stzkc3x
“Black Cat Fears” by Kimberly Lin: https://tinyurl.com/uzcltwx
“Catherine of Alexandria” by A. Sutherland: https://tinyurl.com/vfkxt96
“Haunted Mental Asylum Sold for $1” by Brett Tingley: https://tinyurl.com/qqjnoox
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Originally aired: October 25, 2018

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