The Bellaire House | Grave Talks CLASSIC

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This is a Grave Talks CLASSIC EPISODE!

The Bellaire House sits on a Leyline – that implies there is a consistent wellspring of paranormal vitality that goes all through the house. 

Behind the house is a Native American internment area. Before the house is the Ohio River, some dark spirits have been removed, and more return time and time again. There is a child, Emily Davis, inside the Bellaire House. She used to play at the Bellaire House when she was a kid. Through research, Rebecca Stamm-Gardner and Kristin Lee discovered a second Emily Davis. The Bellaire House appears to dependably pull in individuals who have a similar first and last name arrangement. One Emily Davis was known to have suffocated, and another Emily Davis was known as a dear companion to the first proprietor of the land.

Emily likes to talk through EVPs and on the Ghost Box. She jumps at the chance to illuminate the “beautiful hues ” of the K2 meter. In 2005, Kristin Lee was affected by two floods, which left her family homeless. Soon after they moved in, they saw “odd” things. Kristin Lee faulted everything except for the paranormal until the point when one night, as she lay in bed, she was assaulted, and her dog was tossed against the wall. By then, Kristin Lee had connected with Ohio Valley Paranormal Research Investigations.

Today, we hear the story of the Bellaire House.

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