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Before January 1956, the daily lives of the Hitchings family would have struggled to have been considered remarkable. That year would mark the beginning of one of the most perplexing paranormal cases in London’s history. It would seemingly begin with the discovery of a mysterious key. The father of the family, Wally Hitchings, would try the key in every lock in their terraced house on Wycliffe Road. The key didn’t fit any of the doors or cabinets but, unbeknownst to the Hitchings family, it may have been what unlocked the flood of supernatural events that would plague their home for years to come. The ghostly activity that would follow, centered around the 15 year old daughter, Shirley. A mischievous spirit would come to reside within the HItchings family home and, as some paranormal researchers have concluded, used Shirley as a conduit to communicate with the living. This case file, join the Theorists as they find a new way to ouija in…The Battersea Poltergeist

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