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On episode 158 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we head down to the dark and dingy basement office of NY Post journalist, Steven Greenstreet. After the bombshell news of a secret Pentagon UFO program was released to the world, news outlets scurried to play catch-up on this highly intriguing news. Luckily, the NY Post had Steven Greenstreet on hand who had a keen interest in the UFO topic. Thus, The Basement Office web-series was created. Along with Nick Pope, a former government official who researched and investigated UFOs for the Ministry of Defense, Greenstreet and Pope navigate their way through decades of UFO history to get us to where we are now in 2020 on the issue. In this interview, Greenstreet discusses what he found most fascinating in his research. He then breaks down two very compelling UFO videos he and Ryan came across, and then we get a sneak peek and what to expect in season two of the Basement Office.

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