The Baa Baa Blacksheep Incident

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Take me to your leader..

Oof, wrong time for that wouldn’t you say?  Mmmm our leaders are busy can we take you to our favorite musical artist instead?  This week we are fired up for another EXTRATERRESTRIAL EXTRAVAGANZA as we continue our discussion on ALIEN INVASIONS!! 

Only this time around we are posing the question– what if they are already here?  What if we’re so busy looking for their ships in the sky that we don’t even notice they’ve slipped in through the back door.  Or maybe through the ocean?

Ashley kicks us off this week by teaching us about STARSEEDS! Extraterrestrial SOULS that have incarnated on earth to help with mankind’s spiritual evolution.  Lauren dives deep, DEEP into the depths of the ocean to look for secret alien bases.  The girls discuss what an alien would actually LOOK like if they were already here with us.  And we finish it off on a REAL BUMMER, as Lauren shares with us what some famous scientists, physicists, and of course- psychics- have to say about when and if the aliens are coming…