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In southeastern Ohio sits the city named after the famed center of Greek enlightenment, Athens. It was here that European settlers founded their city in the late 1700’s. Staying true to its namesake, the city became an area of learning and knowledge with the establishment of Ohio University, the first institution of higher learning within the Northwestern Territories. Today, on the high ground to the south of town, the building development known as The Ridges includes a number of spaces for research and offices. But within the newly constructed buildings still sits the High Victorian facade of the Athens Lunatic Asylum. This lavishly designed medical facility was meant to be on the cutting edge of treating those with mental disorders. Unfortunately many of the techniques utilized by healthcare professionals in the early attempts at treating neurological disorders would often leave patients in a condition worse off than when they had been admitted. The grounds of the hospital are also filled with 2,000 graves of patients who passed on within its walls that are marked solely by numbers. With these conditions it’s not hard to see why Athens Lunatic Asylum has had numerous reports of supernatural happenings. This case file, join the Theorists as they perform the lobotomy lambada with a supernatural symphony in…The Athens Lunatic Asylum

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