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Located between the Andes and the Chilean Coast Range, the Atacama Desert is an environment unlike any other. While a majority of the area often records less than 1mm of rainfall a year, there are locations that experience zero recorded rainfall. While this seemingly arid wasteland is home to many forms of indigenous wildlife who have adapted to the harsh climate, the desert also holds a wealth of valuable minerals and metals. The landscape itself is often said to be an extremely close resemblance to the blasted terrains located on the planet Mars. In 2003, while exploring an abandoned mining town, an amateur collector came across a startling discovery. Within an unassuming leather pouch and wrapped inside a piece of simple white cloth, were the remains of what seemed to be a 6-inch long humanoid. Once the skeleton was confirmed to be an actual biological organism, scientists and researchers raced to find an answer to the origins of this tiny being. This case file, join the Theorists as they find a tiny bone to pick with…The Atacama Alien

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