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The theme of duality in life has been showing up again in January. As I received the keys to the Spirit School space, I’m also experiencing vertigo and strep throat. However, I am choosing to lean into the joyful side of life and to celebrate what this new space means for Spirit School and all those who will go on to make an impact from their experiences there! 


In today’s episode, I am sharing a channeled class and philosophy  from the last round of The Initiation about mediumship as an art. The live classes in my intimate development experiences are in response to the questions and conversations happening in the community. Part of the reason I’ve taught this mediumship foundations program so many times is that it’s different every round! 


Though there is more scientific research being done and there is a basic structure, mediumship is more of a healing artform. If you think of it like a blank canvas, you get to bring your own experiences and modalities and create something new!


The Initiation 8-Week Mediumship Foundations Experience includes self study, live classes, practice readings and Q&A calls. This is a robust course for anyone in their first three years of mediumship development. The cart will be open until we start on Friday, January 27!

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In this episode:

  • Science is getting closer to understanding mediumship, it is still a form of art
  • We can have more fun on this path if we see it as a blank canvas
  • I want to remove the stigma around using other modalities and spiritual tools in mediumship
  • Many people connect with spirit during Reiki or oracle card sessions when they are in flow
  • I began developing mediumship before I connected with angels and oracle cards
  • You can pull an oracle card for inspiration if you’re stuck in a reading
  • Scribbling what comes up initially can help mediums narrow the focus to start
  • You can refer to the paper if you get stuck, just like oracle cards
  • Almost everything I write unfolds, even if I don’t look
  • Don’t let people tell you that using tools is a crutch
  • Mediumship is an art form and mentors give you a brush and paint
  • You are the blank canvas and get to decide how and what to paint
  • Some of you may fall into comparing colours, tools, or skills
  • It took me awhile on my journey to realize that you could add layers
  • Everyone’s painting turns out different with the same prompts
  • Your mediumship and connection to spirit are just as unique
  • You miss the creative process if you analyze instead of allowing it to unfold
  • If something you learn doesn’t work, you’ll find your own technique that you can teach
  • The creative process is the path that reveals what you will teach
  • You can change the brush or colours anytime
  • When you get a no, it provides clarity for you to tweak the “happy mistakes”
  • We aren’t for everyone, so it needs to be your own taste for you to enjoy it 
  • Although I’m not artistic, creating a business is the most creative thing I’ve done
  • Document your experiences to look back at how far you’ve come
  • You can feel the energetic difference between the words discern and analyze
  • We talk about the importance of language in advancing mediumship modules
  • I don’t Google spiritual philosophies until I’ve contemplated them myself
  • Spiritual maturity is the ability to discern, not analyze
  • Analyzing is the ability to make conclusions based on natural senses
  • Discernment goes past perception and makes nuanced judgements
  • Discernment is more passive like observing your thoughts
  • Spirituality is meant to be experienced, not analyzed through logic
  • Discernment increases in sensitivity along our journey
  • No good reading identifies us and no bad reading identifies us.