The Aquatic Ape Theory and More

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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives, the guys start the show off talking about Halloween and the recent Live Show they did at the Panther Island Brewery in Fort Worth, Texas. Then, a duck hunter writes in with a terrifying encounter with a set of eyes in the woods.

After the break, Kyle brings up the Aquatic Ape Theory. Much more than other primates, man has several features that are seen more often in aquatic than terrestrial mammals: nakedness, thick subcutaneous fat-layer, stretched hindlimbs, voluntary respiration, dilute urine etc. The Aquatic Ape Theory states that our ancestors once spent a significant part of their life in water. Presumably, early apes were plant and fruit eaters in tropical forests. Early hominids also ate aquatic food; at first mainly weeds and tubers, later sea shore animals, especially shellfish. With the Pleistocene cooling, our ancestors returned to land and became bipedal omnivores and scavengers and later hunters of coastal and riverside animals.

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

Show Notes:


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