The Ancient Universal Language of Man

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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about where they’ve been, The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference and Kyle surviving Dengue fever. Then, a person has an encounter with a group of tiny little people in the Rough River State park in Kentucky back in the summer of 2003. The witness was on a weekend canoeing trip for rest and relaxation in an remote area of Rough River State Park. He was strangely queasy and anxious for some unknown reason. for some unknown reason, he felt like he had something to fear. Heeding these sensations, he was extremely cautious on the river. After several miles he paddled the canoe to the riverbank and tied it off to a tree. He got out to explore the area. Looking 8-10 ft downstream he spotted what looked like the top of a gray clay jar peeking out of the water. Afterwards he not only heard them but saw them too.

Then, at 2 AM on Sunday morning (AEST time) astronomers at the Steward Observatory Catalina Station in Arizona spotted an asteroid hurtling towards Earth at 106,497 km/h. Called 2018 GE3, it was estimated to be up to 110 meters in diameter, which is the same length as an average FIFA soccer field. Scientists quickly calculated that it would pass us the following day, but only just. And actually 2018 GE3 would turn out to be the largest known asteroid to ever drift so close to Earth, and this particular rock’s first visit since 1930. The next day it tore past without incident, brushing within 192,317 km of our upper atmosphere. And sure, that sounds like a healthy margin for error, but keep in mind that space is infinite and the moon is just 400,000 kilometers away.

After the break the guys speak with explorer, rock hound, researcher and author Chris Hegg about his book called “The Ancient Universal Language of Man“. Chris’s passion is petroglyphs and ancient language, growing up in a tiny desert remote town of 25 people depending on who passed away that year. His life spent wandering the hills alone since a young boy. Between rock hounding, exploring and prospecting Chris always came back to the fascination of petroglyphs and why they were there. Chris’s first introduction to them was by an old Indian sheep herder woman that lived alone. She scared the boy with tales of red headed giants making them and how she had seen three of them when she was a girl living near his home! Chris was hooked forever more trying to crack the code of symbols but failed at every turn. Chris joined the Air Force and learned cryptology doing morse code. Once back home Chris started applying his new knowledge to the old problem and now 40 years later have finally made decipherments cracking important symbols. Not only that, Chris learned through his knowledge of geology that many major petroglyph sites are actually thirteen to sixteen thousand years old. After decades of leaping from state to state looking at panels the Internet and social media allowed Chris to connect with folks everywhere to see more sites and soon realized this language is global. It gets better because the final piece to the puzzle came when Chris recognized why the sites were where they were because of global trade using the ancient inland great lake systems!

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

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