The Afterlife Files – Reincarnation and Soul Connection with Dr. David Bettenhausen and Carla Bogni-Kidd

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After their paths crossed throughout their lives, David and Carla discovered through meditation and regression that reincarnation is real and that they have over 29 past lives together. David and Carla join Scott to share their many experiences being in each other’s lives, showing just how strong their connection really is. They tap into spirit guides, angels, and soul families showing that reincarnation and NDEs both overlap by involving a strong sense of consciousness. Through their incredible interconnected stories, David and Carla are living proof that souls continue on after their physical form has passed.

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Where to find Dr. David and Carla:

  1. The Gift of Past Lives with Mother, Isabella, God & Elizabeth
  2. Hell No, Reincarnation? with Mother, Isabella, God & Elizabeth
  3. The Manual

Where to find Scott:
Facebook- The Afterlife Files
Instagram- @theafterlifefiles
Tiktok- @theafterlifefiles

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