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Jan Holden, the current president of the International Association for Near Death Studies, joins Scott to talk about some amazing stories she has relating to the survival of the human soul after death. Jan’s mission as president of IANDS, is to enhance global understanding of NDEs through research education and support. Jan’s experience counseling people who have experienced NDEs, has led her to explore these verified cases of a continued consciousness. Some of the topics that Jan touches on are mind versus body, idealism versus materialism, our purpose in life, and what people perceive during a transpersonal experience or NDE.

Where to find Jan Holden:
Website: janholden.com
IANDS Conference: https://conference.iands.org

Where to find Scott:
Website- https://neardeathmeditations.com
Facebook- The Afterlife Files
Instagram- @theafterlifefiles
Tiktok- @theafterlifefiles

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