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Rev. Peter Panagore joins Scott to tell his incredibly chilling yet inspiring story about how he froze to death on a mountain and was brought to life to tell the tale. This experience caused a radical shift in Peter’s life from aspiring architect to divinity school where he became a Reverend.

Embracing spirituality and anthology along with a life filled of mystical experiences set him on the path of religion. Peter sets out to help people who cannot access the spiritual parts of themselves. Using yoga, prayer, meditation, and energy transmission to create a safe space for people to connect to light and energy. To be continued…

Part 2 The story continues… Episode 10

In last week’s episode, we heard Rev. Peter Panagore setting up the story of how he experienced his NDE when he froze to death while ice climbing. Peter uses the same vivid imagery to explain and share his full experience that changed the direction of his entire life path. Peter tapped into his spiritual side and ultimately became a reverend to help other people through life in the physical world, while exploring mysticism as well.

Where to find Peter:
Website: https://www.peterpanagore.love
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/PeterPanagore
Books on Amazon: Heaven Is Beautiful https://www.amazon.com/Heaven-Beautiful-Dying-Taught-Beginning/dp/1571747346

Where to find Scott:
Website- https://neardeathmeditations.com
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/neardeathmed
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/theafterlif
Tiktok- @theafterlifefiles

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