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IN THIS EPISODE: Something came out of the river near New Richmond, Ohio – those who saw it said it was a kind of alien lifeform, and utterly indescribable. What was the strange creature that has come to be known as Octoman? (The Ohio Octoman) *** Drivers were convinced they’d spotted the infamous Blue Bell Hill ghost on the A229 in February 2019. That was the last time the ghost was spotted – and some believe it wasn’t really the ghost at all, but something else. (The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill) *** There are plenty of ghost stories in the Lake Placid area, but probably the most unique and mysterious is the story of the Lady in the Lake. So mysterious is this ghost that it has inspired many authors and filmmakers – but the true story is more creepy than any ghost story. (The Lady In Lake Placid) *** In the early days of those reaching the New World, superstitions and unusual beliefs about others, even your own neighbors, were commonplace. Most anyone could be accused of being a witch. And I do mean anyone. Be thankful you weren’t one of the first settlers to live in America. (American Witches) *** Gigantic spiders are reported worldwide, yet we have yet to actually capture one to prove their existence or study them to see how they grow so large. Is it possible the giant spiders don’t exist – or could it be a different creature we have yet to identify? (The Actuality of Enormous Arthropods)
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