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On episode 233 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we are revisiting one of the most interesting and prolific years in UFO history: 1952. UFOs were being sighted all over the United States, with a concerning wave occurring above Washington D.C, specifically over the nation’s Capitol building. Jets were scrambled to try to identify these luminous objects to no avail. Meanwhile, strange saucers and discs were being reported on the other side of the country in California in great numbers. But one of the most underreported events happened to Captain John Harter and his B-29 Bomber crew off the Gulf of Mexico in December of that year. Captured on radar and visually, he and several other pilots and officers would report a swarm of UFOs surrounding their aircraft, with some sort of massive mothership seemingly watching from above. This incident, and several others of 1952 and 1953, would be documented and investigated by Project Blue Book, and also by independent researcher and former Marine Corps Naval Aviator, Major Donald Keyhoe. We explore these dramatic close encounters and near misses that military aircraft had with these strange objects, how the U.S Government handled the situation, and how it all may be changing as we head in to a new decade of military and governmental acknowledgement and disclosures of UFOs, somewhere in our skies.

This episode was co-written and co-researched by Marcus Lowth. It was inspired by his article, The Mothership-Rendezvous Over The Gulf Of Mexico – The B-29 UFO Incident. Read the original article at: www.ufoinsight.com

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Episode edited by Jane Palomera Moore

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