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“THE 1952 UFO CRASH” and 5 More Eerie, True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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“THE 1952 UFO CRASH” and 5 More Eerie, True Stories! #WeirdDarkness 
IN THIS EPISODE: (Archive Episode – previously aired June 07, 2018) *** A Native American hunting party tracks down a large hair-covered creature and finds a giant mound with bodies of 19 human children. The children had not only been kidnapped, they had also been consumed… by Sasquatch. (The Human-Bigfoot War of 1855) *** Within the UFO files of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations that are held at the National Archives, there is a USAF document which is dated July 23, 1952. That document describes a UFO crash in the woods of Maryland. (The 1952 UFO Crash) *** Two Missouri teenagers and one teen’s mother vanished without a trace after a high school graduation ceremony and have never been seen again. (The Vanishing of the Springfield Three) *** Henry Kendall was found in a graveyard with a bullet hole between his eyes. How he met his fate may be a mystery, but his reason for being in the graveyard was certain, he was there to snatch a body. (A Grave-Robber’s Fate) *** Everything seems bigger when you are a child… even shadow people. (A Very Tall Man) *** Glowing eyes, flapping wings, 7-foot wingspans… what are these strange, frightening flying creatures being reported in Japan? (Weird Winged Monsters of Japan)
“The Human-Bigfoot War of 1855” by Brent Swancer:
“The 1952 UFO Crash” by Nick Redfern:
“The Vanishing of the Springfield Three” by Troy Taylor:
“A Grave-Robber’s Fate” by Michael Wilhelm:
“Weird Winged Monsters of Japan” by Brent Swancer:
“The Very Tall Man” by Anthony Mask, submitted to
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