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Thank God for Tom DeLonge

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Thank God for Tom DeLonge

After and during the course of a prolific musical career, one of the most important movers in the paranormal/unsolved niche since Thomas Baker Slick Jr. would do something that – to put it lightly – would send shockwaves across the world. In 2017 the To The Stars Academy released what are probably the most impactful pieces of hard evidence regarding the UFO/UAP question to the public. Five years hence, things are drastically different regarding not only the UFO conversation, but the dialogue surrounding the unsolved at large. It’s time to talk about why, and give Monsieur DeLonge (of Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves, two of the greatest musical acts of our generation) the credit he deserves.

Thank God for Tom DeLonge.

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