TFD:SB – EP13 | Megalodon, the Big Boy Shark from definitely 50 Million Years Ago, Because Science

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Welcome back to TFD Summer Break! Today Christian & Scott sit down unscripted as Christian shares the possibility of a gigantic pre-historic shark (the Megalodon) still swimming the murky depths of our oceans. Christian tries convincing Scott that we know what was around “50 Million” years ago, because scientists are never wrong, and apparently hold the key to all of life’s great mysteries. Scott promises to look into it more, but feels that since there is literally nobody that was alive “50 Million” years ago, Scientists can say whatever they want, and we’d have no way to disprove it. The boys also touch base on some alleged guy named Noah, and whether he did or did not craft a giant boat. More importantly, Scott accidentally pushes a story about the discovery of fragments from the alleged Ark atop Mount Ararat in the early 2000’s, not knowing that this particular story was disproved well over a decade ago, therefore making him look like a jackass for rambling on about it with such vigor for 5-10 minutes (Which made it that much more of a treat for him to edit, yippee! So, sorry ’bout that gusto, your boy got passionate.) Also, the topic of Megalodon is maybe talked about for 5 minutes. Also, Scott wrote this description. Obviously, right?

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