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Lights, Camera, Action, Weirdos!

Celebrities…. they’re just like us!  They buy groceries, they brush their hair, they go to the eye doctor and yes they even have PARANORMAL EXPERIENCES!! 

Welcome to our return to HOLLYWEIRD!  This week we are telling some extra spooky and strange celebrity ghost stories!  And we have our first guest of the season – all the way from NYC (and season one of our show) Mike Johnston is here!! 

Mike shares stories from some of his favorite child stars- Tracey Gold from Growing Pains has a run in with a new soul, Corey Feldman from Stand By Me gets a shake down from a deceased family member, Joey Lawrence from Brotherly Love sleeps in a super haunted hotel, and Beverly Mitchell from 7th Heaven finds hell in an abandoned asylum.

Lauren tells us about the time comedian Margaret Cho had to rent a house that came with some nasty spirits and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Miz Cracker shared a house with an entity that drove everyone there crazy!

And Ashley finishes off the episode with a story about Kurt Russell and his famous forgotten close encounter! 


WARNING: This episode is seriously not as dark as the warning suggests BUT does contain MENTIONS of child sexual abuse, asylum abuse, abortion, suicide, and murder.  There is also MUSIC and SOUND EFFECTS that may cause a level of unease or discomfort for sensitive ears.