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Ope!  You betcha, weirdos it’s time to drink some pop and eat some puppy chow because we’re headed to the midwest, y’all!

This week Ashley and Lauren are going to their home state of ILLINOIS for a very special two part HOMETOWN HAUNTS episode! 

The close encounters, murders, spooky old buildings, possessions, Native American landmarks, poltergeists, the most haunted small town in America, the tallest man in recorded history, and so much more!! 


This Week’s topics include:

The Bartonville State Hospital aka the Illinois Asylum for the Incurable Insane

UFO encounters – Centralia/Mt Vernon/Fairfield & The St Clair Triangle/Southern Illinois Incident

The Macomb Firestarter

John Otto & his transmission from space

The many hauntings of Rockford University

Jane Addams, Hull House, and the Devil Baby

& The Enfield Horror