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The Confessionals is where witnesses of the unexplained share their stories and encounters with the world. Through long-form conversations, we pull out as much detail about one's experience as possible. Join us as we delve into the unknown side of life, from bigfoot to UFOs to paranormal activity to even conspiracies.

TC 63: The Bigfoot and Dogman of Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is more mysterious than many realize. Out-of-staters think of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and then conclude that Pennsylvania is an industrialized state without much wilderness to explore. However, the reality is that between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh there are 300+ miles of deep, dense wild forests. Tonight, Kirk joins The Confessionals to share his first cryptid encounter with a bigfoot while on a hunting trip with his in-laws. Later, he details an unusual encounter that he can only conclude was a dogman! Yes, along with bigfoot sightings, dogman sightings are also on the rise in Pennsylvania. Kirk experienced both types of sightings, and comes forward to share what he has seen. 
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