Taylor Swift and Gaylor Conspiracy w/ Ali Clayton

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We sit down friend and comedian Ali Clayton to discuss the #Gaylor! Gaylor, or the theory that Taylor Swift is gay, is a cluster of distinct yet overlapping suppositions about Swift’s sexuality (bi, pan, queer, fluid?) that hinges upon her purported romantic partners (models, actresses, musicians, friends?) and lyrical clues discovered within her music (a lotta pronoun changes, themes of yearning and secret love) Those Swifties who believe this theory identify as Gaylors, and those who think she’s straight identify as Hetlors…  There’s a lot to unpack in this one, and we’ve got the best guest to do it with. We covered this way back in September but are now just dropping it. Enjoy.

Vulture Mag just rated Ali’s podcast Y’all Gay? as one of the top pods of 2022!

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