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Voice artist Darren Marlar narrates true stories of real paranormal events and true crime.

“TARRARE: THE INSATIABLE GLUTTON” and 10 More Strange, True, and Scary Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode with stories from September 10-11, 2018) *** A sickly-sweet smell and then burning sensations, nausea, and partial paralysis. It began with one, then many in a small town in Illinois. It was a gas attack – but who was the culprit? Or even stranger – was it in everyone’s imaginations? (Who Was The Mad Gasser of Mattoon?) *** A baby begins screaming when her mother moves them into a new apartment. (Mother’s Helper) *** “Momo” may sound like a funny name – but it was no laughing matter to Missouri residents trying to track down the huge, black, hairy monster. (The Missouri Monster) *** A veteran claims a pastor was an alien involved in a conspiracy here on Earth, with members of congress, to enslave all humans – and that’s why he shot him in the head. (Aliens and Attempted Murder) *** While most of the attention in Puerto Rico is being directed at the continuing slow recovery from Hurricane Maria, one small town there is dealing with a second horror – a real life gargoyle attacking and sucking the blood from their chickens. (Gargoyle of Puerto Rico) *** A hunter suddenly became the hunted of a mysterious creature in Wyoming. (I Faced A Wendigo) *** Tarrare, an 18th-century French showman, could eat enough to feed 15 people and swallow cats whole — but his stomach was never satisfied, even to the point, he was rumored, to consume human flesh. (Tarrare, The Insatiable Glutton) *** A man and his family experience strange and terrifying events in their home located next to a meteor crater. (I’ve Never Told My Story) *** Part bat. Part bigfoot. What has been unfortunately named “Batsquatch” sounds like a B-list villain in a DC comic taking on the Caped Crusader, but for some who live in Washington state near Mt. St. Helens, it’s not imaginary at all. (Bizarre Encounters With Batsquatch) *** If you mention gnomes to someone, most think of those tiny ceramic or concrete figurines people place in gardens or on their front doorstep to greet visitors. But in a certain portion of England, if you mention gnomes – you get the real thing. (The Mysterious Gnomes of Wollaton Park) *** We go back to a normal, sunny Tuesday morning in 2001 – when the world changed forever after a terrorist attack on the U.S., left families in despair, a country in fear, and spirits of those lost still wandering ground zero to this day. (The Ghosts of 9-11)

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