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Episode 137: Tarot Talk and Astro Update #1 – Carol gives an astro update on the birthsign of Pisces, while Carol and Holly read tarot on the UFO shoot downs and the murders of the Idaho 4!

Credits: Pluto in Aquarius – the Transition – Astrodienst | A March Month of Exciting Change and Connection to Source | The Astrology of Pluto in Aquarius 2023 | March: Is This The Month AI Will Change the World? w/ Astrologer Rick Merlin Levine | Astrology Of March 2023 – A New Era, Saturn In Pisces, Pluto In Aquarius – | Astrology chart for Bryan Kohberger – killer of 4 students | Brian Kohberger – Astrology of a killer? | True Crime Astrology! Idaho Murder Suspect. Bryan Kohberger Astrology|

Free Astrology Chart – Astrodienst.com

Tarot Decks: 

Holly’s Deck – Zombie Tarot  

Carol’s Deck – The Dreamkeepers Tarot — Liz Huston



Aries:  Luck will be with you this month!  The Saturn placement will deliver important news and Pluto will transform your social sector helping you say goodbye to people who no longer support you and hello to new relationships and partnerships.  You will find yourself having more authentic conversations and connections.


Taurus:  Saturn finally leaves your career sector, and you feel empowered to move forward on a new path. Pluto is also in your career sector and comes to eliminate old job industries or industries ruled by Taurus like Banking and Finance. Pluto is helping you to transform your money sector and wealth streams of income. If you work from home, you may have to come back into the office or travel for work. Your health took a beating in the last few months but there will be better days ahead.


Gemini:  Saturn wants you to go back to school or get training in something you need for work. You may have a gift given from Saturn in March which might involve travel, a financial bonus or having more responsibility at your job. Pluto will help you get off your couch and be motivated to change your perspective.  You may find spiritual beliefs changing and the need to expand your thinking.


Cancer:  Saturn will be highlighting legal issues, contracts and travel this month. The planet is leaving your house of relationships and will leave you a gift in that area by having a renewal of intimacy or a new daily living environment regarding household companions. Pluto is addressing your biggest fears and helping you to obtain courage in the face of tough interactions with people. But it can also clear the way for expansion in wealth. The important thing to remember is to have strong boundaries with other people.


Leo:  Saturn is asking you to streamline your life and expenses. Pluto is highlighting the breaking down of any existing ego in relationships and helping you by releasing any power struggles. You will be attracting people now who are fated to bring dramatic transformation to your life. Intense conversations and deep healing of emotional wounds will occur with others who are close to you!


Virgo:  Saturn will help you feel more productive and the commitments you solidify this month will last your lifetime. Pluto is attacking your health and you will find your employment will need to change to support your healthier lifestyle. If you are looking to have a glow up or need the momentum to change habits, then I think this will ensure your success.


Libra: Saturn is highlighting the need to get serious about your work life balance and your health.  Employment might change and you could find that you want a less stressful job. Also, Pluto is destroying your need for what you think makes you happy.  That might be your need for children, or certain hobbies or love relationships.  You may all the sudden have an I am all in or all out attitude.  This is highly unusual for Libra which loves balance. You can thank the planet Pluto for that nudge of extreme attitude. 


Scorpio: Saturn is leaving your domestic life and family which could possibly help bring good news regarding real estate. You need to fight now for anything your heart really wants. Pluto wants to destroy anything that doesn’t have lasting value or emotional stability.


Sagittarius:  Saturn will bring happy times for learning, vacations and news concerning siblings.  Travel will bring you life changing experiences. Anyone who is in the communications field expect big surprises and radical evolution. Pluto is coming to destroy your intellectual arguments and instead is giving you crazy ideas. Some of these ideas will scare you but you need to step out of your comfort zone. These ideas will have profound meaning later.  Expect your family life to change regarding your living space. The change might make you emotional and tested but know it will help refine your path forward.


Capricorn:  Saturn is going to transform your identity and make you evaluate your self-worth and financial possessions.  Pluto will help you become less attached to material possessions and strip away any greed. You will realize your value comes from strong character and integrity. People around you will mirror back statements and perspectives on what you need to hear.


Aquarius:  You will embrace new tools and technology in order to make your life easier. Saturn is helping you to establish commitment in where and how you live. There will be new daily lifestyle habits and Pluto will help destroy and transform your identity, turning you into a rising Phoenix from the ashes.  You literally will feel reborn after the changes happen. It won’t be stress free, but it will be incredible for others to see how you are transforming. Watch out world Aquarius is stepping out.