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More Tales from the North West of England.
A number of years ago whilst talking to the witnesses that I had found to the Salford Wildman. I was chatting with one of the witnesses relatives about anything strange they had noticed in the area of the Buile hill as he had lived and worked in the area of Buile Hill for many years. The witnesses name is C.J. Thomas and he lived very close to this area, one night in the very late hours after a lock in at the Ashfield Labour Club.

The witness was walking in the area between the Ashfield and the old ‘Dog Entry’ just off Sandy Lane, he was lighting his cigar and saw something that he can still remember to this day. He stated he could not put a name to what he saw but that it was dark, hairy and crouched over, as the witness backed off the almost ‘doglike’ thing growled at him, he described the eyes as yellowish and really scary and he made off before the animal approached him further.

One local resident was driving home from a journey, he was driving into the estate next to the old water sewage station just off Avon Avenue. Earlier that day when walking his dog he realised as they entered the house the dog had dropped its expensive kong ball toy some where on the back fields. So he was delighted to see it lying in the road just outside his house, as he got out to retrieve the toy two young boys aged around 8 or 9 came running from the wood, excited and all talking at once. The gents wife who was with him asked what was wrong and the older boy said “Mrs we just got chased by a Bear in there, can you get your dog to get it” and pointed to the woods at the end of Avon drive.

Trying to calm down the boys the wife asked if they were sure it wasnt a big dog, or someone having them on. But they were insistent that they had heard growling noises, so being boys they threw stones in the direction of where the noise was coming from, they saw a large dark ‘Bear’ move slightly into the clearing on all fours, so they threw two more stones and this Bear set off after them.

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