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The Top 25 Paranormal Podcast Countdown

Paranormality Podcast Network Presents… The Top 25 Paranormal Podcast Countdown! Each month, Paranormality’s own Jack Kirby counts down the Top 25 paranormal podcasts in the land as determined by podcast fans. From Alien & UFO, Conspiracy, Cryptid, Horror, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, and Spiritualism month in and month out. Join Jack on his podcast Paranormal Podcasts We…

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CLANCYPASTA | “Did You Ever Hear About the Gospel of Judas Iscariot?” by ktMcSqueezy

“It’s not a story the church would tell you”… enjoy tonight’s story, by ktMcSqueezy! ExpressVPN: Get 49% Off ► MERCH ► PATREON ► YOUTUBE ► CREEPYPASTA ► “Did you ever hear about the Gospel of Judas Iscariot? It’s not a story the Church would tell you.” written by ktMcSqueezy, narrated by…

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Silence Speaks Volumes by Jnolaism

Jasmine from Jnolaism graciously allowed me to share her episode Silence Speaks Volumes. Jasmine talks to her friends, family and strangers about the current (and past) state of the country regarding racism. We need to listen to the black community right now, have compassion, empathy and strength to over turn the racial injustices that have…

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No New Ep This Week

People have called conspiracy theorists crazy for thinking that sinister forces within the American government would flout the laws of the land and use violence to put down a democratic movement for change. Well, uh, sorry guys. This week has been…

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Steel Got It: Vampires!

Vampires! Friend or foe? Let 1970s Monster Hunter extraordinaire and scotch enthusiast Roy Steel be your guide to the most terrorful creatures of the night.

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The Coming Insurrection pt1: The Future, Individualization and Entertainment

In the wake of current events we take a look at a sinister blue book written by some crazy French anarchists called The Coming Insurrection

Featured Sources:
The Coming Insurrection – The Invisible Committe

***Free Additional Content*** Graphic…

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Diary of an Unintentional extraordinary Life, Three – Team Building

After a somewhat disastrous encounter, a client sues Doctor Slow-mo and three other superheroes. As part of the settlement, with Hero-on-the-way, the four must take a team-building course or lose their licences. None of the…

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