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(Explicit) Paranormal storytime gets wild as ~super professional~ hosts, Anna Mischke and Brooke Miller, share tales of the paranormal, creepy, and sometimes... just a little bit weird. 👻

We're two lifelong friends with an affinity for the strange. Here we explore stories, some paranormal goldies fabled and well-loved, others hidden under rocks and dug out from the archives.

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sw ep. 38: The Maury Island UFO Garbage Party

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The first official account of a visit from the tall, dark, and handsome MIB? What would you do if an unidentified object started hailing down aluminum particles on you? Are you from the PNW and have you heard of The Maury Island Incident? Do the MIBs wear designer suits or BOGO from the Men’s Warehouse? Learn about the famous-ish UFO encounter near Maury Island, Washington in this week’s episode of something weird, your favorite paranormal podcast hosted by ~super professional~ paranormal researchers, Anna and Brooke, as we explore another paranormal tale and decide – do we believe?

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