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Surviving Sister | True Ghost Stories

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Did the spirit of a deceased sibling return to help guide their surviving siblings? What did the spirit know about the future? 

Here is a sample of the story.
“My baby sister was murdered by her mother’s fiancé. She was on life support for a few days when they told us that she was braindead and had no chance of recovery. We pulled the plug on a 22-month-old, we pulled that plug the day before my 10th birthday. My mother taught us to cope with picnics and playing tag in the graveyard where she is buried. Sometimes she would come play tag with us kids. Now my sister’s favorite thing to do was to open the dryer while it was running. For months after she passed whenever my mom was super sad or super busy the dryer would pop open and clang the door against itself. We all knew it was her, minus her father, of course, he doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Well fast forward a couple of years and I was super worried about my mother as she got hurt at work and I had to step up around the house. The first night she came home, I had a dream the first of many that have transpired. But that night she came to visit me and all she did was hug me. She was the same age as when she left us. I got a warm feeling and a sense that everything will be okay and that she was happy watching over us. I told my mother and she cried when I told her how it made me feel. I had similar dreams over the same year, all resulting in the same feeling.”

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