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Summoning Meredith Graves

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Meredith Graves is the director of music for Kickstarter. She is also the singer of Perfect Pussy, runs her own record label, and is a former MTV News journalist. But wait, there’s more! Meredith is also a practicing witch in the Solomonic grimoire tradition. She recently published an article in the resurrected horror magazine Fangoria on how Hollywood consistently gets demon summoning wrong on film.

Meredith’s dog is the President of Hell, the Goetic demon Glasya-Labolas or Caacrinolaas, a terrier dog with griffin wings.

We talk about the high strangeness of New York, the rigors of touring, the catharsis of witchcraft and music, the antifascist black metal fest Black Flags Over Brooklyn, and Witchstarter, her pet project at Kickstarter.

Twitter: @gravesmeredith

The music used throughout the show is from Perfect Pussy’s ep I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling –

The Kickstarter music newsletter

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