International Supernatural

Hosted ByLiam & Alana

(Explicit) A podcast where two friends, an American and an Irishman, explore the paranormal, folklore, urban legends and other scary stuff from America, Europe and around the world. Find us on instagram at international.supernatural and on Patreon at International Supernatural. New episodes uploaded every other Wednesday!

Stupid Supernatural

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In this episode of International Supernatural, Alana and Liam jump aboard the stupid train and explore Stupid Supernatural. Alana tells the story of Old Raw Head, a “terrifying” creature from North American Midwestern folklore. Liam takes you on a tour of his top 10 weird-ass medieval monsters. Asides include: the correct pronunciation of hoof/hooves, pigs in Vera Wang, sexy squids, terrible accents, and Alana’s (stupid/not stupid) cushion.

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Cover art by artist and designer Zofia Guertin

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