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We have a very special announcement! I’ll be guiding you on a tour of Netflix’ Stranger Things ALL OF SEPTEMBER! We’re going to start with a season 1 recap, then we’ll deep dive into four episodes covering the entire fourth season of Stranger Things and all of its occult symbolism! Join me for this special announcement where I lay out the schedule and plan to cover these esoteric messages… FEELING IMPATIENT? Buy ALL the video episodes of the Stranger Things analysis RIGHT NOW ad-free at https://gumroad.com/isaacw

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Stranger Things episode schedule (*supporter feeds get all shows the Fridays prior to free feed):

Stranger Things Special Announcement https://illuminatiwatcher.com/stranger-things-september-special-announcement/

Stranger Things S1: Occult Symbolism of Eleven, MKULTRA & Monolith Stargate & Project MONARCH! (9/5) https://illuminatiwatcher.com/stranger-things-s1-occult-symbolism-of-eleven-mkultra-monolith-stargate-project-monarch/

Stranger Things S4 Pt 1 E1- Hellfire Club, Leary, D&D, Damien Echols & More! (9/12) https://illuminatiwatcher.com/stranger-things-s4-pt-1-e1-hellfire-club-leary-dd-damien-echols-more/

Stranger Things S4 Pt 2 E2:6- 322, Montauk, Monarch, NINA & Rainbow Symbolism! (9/19) https://illuminatiwatcher.com/stranger-things-s4-pt-2-e26-322-montauk-monarch-nina-rainbow-symbolism/

Stranger Things S4 Pt 3 E7:9- Individuation, The 001, Apocalypse, Alchemy & Rosicrucianism! (9/26) https://illuminatiwatcher.com/stranger-things-s4-pt-3-e79-individuation-the-001-apocalypse-alchemy-rosicrucianism/

Stranger Things S4 Pt 4- Kate Bush, Pizza, Satanic Panic, 11 is the Star Child & Predictions for S5! (10/3) https://illuminatiwatcher.com/stranger-things-s4-pt-4-kate-bush-pizza-satanic-panic-11-is-the-star-child-predictions-for-s5/

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Buy ALL the video episodes of the Stranger Things analysis RIGHT NOW ad-free at https://gumroad.com/isaacw

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