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On episode 157 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, we are taking a sharp turn and heading down the spectral path of the paranormal and supernatural with Sapphire Sandalo. No stranger to the unknown, Sapphire navigates us through her own personal journey of Filipino folklore and familial stories. She then shares some of her favorite accounts of the strange, the dark, the light, and the mystifying from her hit new podcast, Stories with Sapphire. Then, she and Ryan tackle the Ouija board, simulation theory, and the possibility of a phenomenal string between all the weird worlds we call home.

Guest Bio: Sapphire Sandalo is an animator, host, and writer in Los Angeles. She created the web series and podcast “Something Scary” back in 2016.She is a recurring Paranormal Expert on “Paranormal Caught On Camera” on Travel Channel, and the upcoming “Paranormal Nightshift” on T&E. She is a part-time professor at Loyola Marymount University, where she teaches a class about the importance of diversity and accurate representation in animation and entertainment. In her spare time, she practices her tarot reading skills and enjoys learning about other occult knowledge. She created “Stories With Sapphire” to celebrate supernatural experiences from around the world, and to create more cultural diversity within the paranormal community.Learn more at: www.sapphiresandalo.com

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